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What are the daily activities of a CNA?

What Does a CNA Do

CNA stands for Certified Assistant Nurse. A person who has CNA certification is only then employed. This CNA training is taken from a state enlisted school only. Free CNA classes online

may also benefit one in this regard. There are many articles that will guide on becoming a CNA. But the major principle is to check the credits of the school or of the course’s reputation.

Understanding the duties of a CNA

As stated, a CNA assists a nurse tech. Many people would simply put it that everything has to be done by CNAs. However this article will shed light on what falls in their duties.
Their first duty is observing patients carefully. Patients may develop signs after some days. There are cases when there is abrupt change in body temperature. Such changes are very much needed to be conveyed. Emotional sentiments are also listened. This helps the patient’s psychic to deal with the trauma. It gives a mental relief and this question about a CNA’s duties.
Patients may be stroke victims, or maybe aged. To improve their quality of life, CNAs are taught the need of hygiene. They help them move to the toilet and also bed bath them. Shaving if they wish and nail health is also taught in most classes. Helping them to dress is also a usual act in this regard.
Replacing catheter bags is a routine work for CNA’s. Most importantly vital signs need to be kept in check. This includes body temperature, pulse rate, breathe rate and blood pressure. How to practice them is not there in online CNA classes. On a daily basis, records and files are made. This helps to detect any series of actions which are not normal. In addition setting up of medical equipment before the arrival of doctor is also done. This saves time!
Feeding and helping them sleep is a part of their duty. They make meal trays with precise supplements advised. The bed linen needs to be changed and the place around is also kept clean. Whether it’s the free classes or paid, these are the basic things always taught. This answers the queries many of you may be having, what does a CNA do?