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Hotel Bosphorus (Kati Hirschel, Book 1)

"What concerns is that [Esmahan] Aykol makes use of the style to inform us a bit extra concerning the global than we’re used to listening to from extra advertisement writers. "—Newsday

"A fabulous novel approximately Istanbul. The Turkish lifestyle, prejudices, males, politics, corruption—Esmahan Aykol writes approximately a majority of these with a mild and funny contact. "—Petros Markaris, writer of Che dedicated Suicide and area Defence

"Bubbling with hedonism, enthusiasm, love of existence and books, this could be crucial analyzing for these holidaying in Turkey, viewers to Istanbul, and fans of crime novels. "—Hamburger Abendblatt

This debut by way of a tender Turkish girl novelist is determined in her loved Istanbul. The heroine, Kati Hirschel, is a foreigner and proud proprietor of the one secret book shop on the town. whilst the director of a movie starring an old style pal is located murdered in his inn room, Kati can't withstand the temptation to begin her personal maverick research. in any case, her good friend Petra is the police's valuable suspect, and analyzing all these detective novels should have taught Kati something.

This suspenseful story of homicide contains a heroine who's humorous, feisty and undresses males in her brain extra frequently than she would favor. It makes use of humor, social statement, or even erotic delusion to show Western prejudices approximately Turkey, in addition to Turkish stereotyping of different Europeans.

Esmahan Aykol was once born in 1970 in Edirne, Turkey. She was once a journalist for a couple of Turkish courses and radio stations. After a stint as a bartender she became to fiction writing. inn Bosphorus is her first novel and may be by means of others that includes Kati Hirschel.

Turkish Myth and Muslim Symbol: The Battle of Manzikert

Turks governed the center East for a millennium and japanese Europe for lots of centuries and it truly is an undoubted proven fact that they moulded the lands lower than their dominion. it really is consequently anything of a paradox that the historical past of Turkey and facets of the id and position of the Turks, either as Muslims and as an ethnic team, nonetheless stay little identified within the west and undervalued within the Arabic and Persian-speaking worlds.

Mustafa Âli's Epic Deeds of Artists (Islamic History and Civilization)

The earliest recognized Ottoman literary resource concerning the lives and works of calligraphers, painters, limners, and book-binders of the Ottoman and Persianate worlds, Mustafa ? ‚lis (1541-1600) Epic Deeds of Artists (1587), used to be hitherto thought of to be basically a biographic dictionary. in response to a finished interpreting of the descriptive and analytic instruments of ?

Jihad and Islam in World War I

This e-book investigates the historical past and nature of the Ottoman Jihad proclamation, but additionally its results within the wider heart East. It seems to be on the German hopes and British fears of a global emerging of Muslims within the colonial empires. It additionally discusses the fierce educational debates as a result of the Jihad proclamation, during which the 1915 manifesto of Leiden Islam pupil Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje (“Holy conflict Made in Germany”) performed a key function.

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E. Just north of this building, on the north side of the classical inner wall, another Roman building was discovered. This building was likely a public edifice of some sort. A Hellenistic house has been uncovered further south of the inner wall. , this house is still being excavated. Unfortunately, the shelter that encloses it is usually locked. With charm, you may be able to persuade one of the museum personnel or, if present, one of the excavators to allow you to have a look. Excavations so far have uncovered two rooms with a colonnaded courtyard.

10. The Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens each end. The fluted columns are 34 feet high and 6 feet 3 inches in diameter at the bottom, tapering to a diameter of 4 feet 10 inches at the top. Furthermore, the columns have a slight bulge approximately twofifths of the way up from the platform, and they lean slightly inward. It has been estimated that if the columns were continued indefinitely upward, they would meet one mile up in the air to form a gigantic pyramid. The purpose of this sophisticated engineering was to ensure that the vertical lines of the temple appeared straight, so that the entire impression of the building would be lively and light in spite of its mass.

According to Acts, he also spoke “daily” in the Athenian agora, the civic and cultural center of Athens. Athens had lost its preeminence in commerce, but it was still the world’s center for philosophy and dialogue. No one liked “telling or hearing something new” (Acts 17:21) more than the Athenians. 15 16 Greece In the course of his dialogues in the agora, some Epicurean and Stoic philosophers debated with him. Although Paul was a Jew, their philosophies were not unknown to him. Tarsus, his home city in Cilicia (Asia Minor, modern Turkey), was itself a major center of philosophical learning in the 1st century.

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