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By Charles McGaw, Kenneth L. Stilson, Larry D. Clark

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Actors who lose themselves in their characters also lose control of their actions. They are extremely dangerous people to play opposite. Instead, you must “find yourself” in your role, and you must share a spiritual connection with your partners onstage and with the audience. To enter into the creative state and to overcome stage fright, you must forget your limitations and inhibitions by concentrating on your character’s justifiable actions. “Forgetting yourself onstage” implies that you must enter into a trancelike state in which you are unaware of your surroundings and thus lose control of the situation.

Repeat the entire sequence with your left knee and ankle. D. Lower Back Stretch (Diagonal Twist) Straighten your legs, and place your arms straight out from your body. Raise your right leg, rotate it over to the left at a ninety-degree angle, and touch the floor with your right foot. Rotate your upper torso the other direction, looking to the right. Be certain your right hip is pointed up to the ceiling. Hold for fifteen seconds, and repeat with the left leg. When you are finished, repeat the entire sequence two additional times.

For example, “you” know “you” come from a wealthy household. The lines infer that “you” have received a proper education—unlike most Italian girls living during the Renaissance. You can also deduce that “you” consider “yourself” to be a romantic who dreams of an idyllic love. ” From this small clue, you can surmise that “you” have never kissed a man. “You” have dreamed of love. “You” have read about it in the books, but “you” have never experienced it. In a later scene, “your” father, in a fit of rage, shouts that “you” are not fit to marry “so worthy a *When creating a role, you should always think in first person.

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