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By Lorenzo Dominioni, Angelo Benevento, Giulio Carcano, Giuseppe Peloni, Renzo Dionigi (auth.), Everardo Zanella (eds.)

General surgical procedure is composed ofa major corpus of propaedeutic components and medical difficulties, which has been converted through the years by means of the separate improvement of various sub-specialistic branches. even if a typical foundation at the physiopathology of surgical trauma and put up­ operative issues persists, because of common wisdom of surgical ailments, there isn't any doubt that during the spheres of doctrine and alertness, either study and medical drugs have distinctive themselves autonomously in lots of surgical fields (orthopedics, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgical procedure, thoracic surgical procedure, urology, etc.). it truly is hence tough to outline the current configuration ofgeneral surgical procedure, yet with no query stomach surgical procedure occupies a place of pre-eminent significance in the common framework. we're dealing, in truth, with pathological images which take place in a piece ofthe physique ofvast proportions, within which constructions, organs, and morphologically advanced areas are prepared to hold out vital services. they're, for this reason, topic to significantly advanced pathological adjustments, similar to to set up an attractive box of diagnostic dialogue and a thrilling training-ground for surgical task. it may be affirmed that the analysis and therapies ofabdominal surgical illnesses represent a try ofthe surgeon's adventure. prognosis is frequently entrusted to a differential procedure, the implications ofwhich might be proven this present day by way of complementary diagnostics. This, although, needs to be guided through predominating medical issues, the exaggerated use of diagnostic options, indifferent from scientific exam, being the reason for very severe mistakes, which could deceive determination making and human touch, that's the foundation ofcorrect clinical practice.

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14. Masdell DM, MOTTS DM, Voltura A et al. Antibiotic treatment for surgical peritonitis. Am Surg 1991; 214: 543-9 CHAPTER 4 ACUTE ACALCULOUS CHOLECYSTITIS. EXPERIMENTAL REMARKS. CLINICAL AND FRANCESCO RULLI, *MARIO SIANESI, and EVERARDO ZANELLA Department of Surgery, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Rome, and *Chair ofSurgical Pathology, University ofParma, Parma, Italy Summary Acute acalculous cholecystitis is an entity on the increase. The disease causes high rates of morbidity such as those normally observed in critically ill patients.

All strains were susceptible to vancomycin. Our data are consistent with previous reports which showed the extensive resistance of Gram-posistive and Gram-negative organisms to several antibiotics, and stress that the activities of different antimicrobial agents are speciesdependent. Therefore no single antimicrobial agent is adequate to deal with all episodes of intra-abdominal infections. Treatment regimens of these infections are empirically chosen to try to eradicate the most likely etiologic agents, in the hope that the choice can be modified as soon as possible on the basis of culture results and other subsequent information.

Our study suggested that intra-abdominal sepsis induces AAC, and confirmed the relationship abovementioned between alithiasic cholecystitis and sepsis. Moreover, our experimental work proved that AAC, in the early stages, is primarily induced by inflammatory processes, while infection of the bile represents a later event [32]. One interesting observation is that the pathological [mdings in human AAC are similar to those in animal models [I]. There is diffused infiltration of the vascular structures and the gallbladder wall by polymorphonuclear leucocytes.

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