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By Prof. Dr. Vladimir Veniaminovich Frolkis (auth.)

There is an Inca incantation which acknowledged acknowledged approximately: "Lord, supply me religious peace in order that i will be able to acquiesce to what i will not switch, supply me braveness in order that i will switch what i will swap, and provides me knowledge in order that i will distinguish one from the opposite. " evidently, this incantation should be on a regular basis repeated by means of any gerontologist, because it is particularly tough to differentiate getting older from the techniques which counterpoint the organism's viability, getting older from illnesses, and the mechanisms of getting older in numerous species of animals. in line with N. surprise, who compiled a helpful bibliography of the works on getting older, greater than 43,000 works on gerontology were released within the final decade. Why will we proceed to disagree with each other and carry that crucial mechanisms are nonetheless mostly unknown to us despite that stream of knowledge and a huge variety of evidence? what's it that we don't understand? may possibly it's that we don't comprehend the only sacramental truth which may clarify every little thing, comparable to the hormone of getting older, the programmed triggering of a suicide gene, the looks of a unique poisonous agent within the axoplasmic stream of drugs, etc? Goethe as soon as wrote scientist ordinarily holds convinced elements, yet regrettably he lacks their sacred link.

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The disappearance or growth of definite diseases with age and a change in the specifics of the occurrence of the same pathology during different age periods. From this standpoint, it is quite correct to single out pathology which is characteristic of mainly the antenatal and postnatal periods, children's diseases, the pathology of puberty, and the diseases from which elderly and old pe

13. 0 U/kg) (second column in each pair) Much data show that the tissue respiration of the brain becomes less intense in old age. This decrease is expressed to a different extent in various brain structures and occurs during different age periods. For instance, the intensity of tissue respiration sharply decreases in the hypothalamus during the first four months of age, and afterwards it gradually changes. In the hippocampus and the amygdalae, this decrease is observed from three weeks to four months of age, and then after 12 months of age.

OIM 1/ o ....... 40 .......... 5:'::J 0 o ·C Fig. 9. Influence of incubation temperature (OC) on the duration of life (1), the amount of carbon dioxide which is exhaled (2), the relative specific radioactivity of protein (3), RNA (4) and the relationship between the relative specific radioactivity of protein and RNA (5) in the imago of the fruit flies of the wild type of the D-18 strain However, there is another technique which is scarcely used when the correlation between certain aging mechanisms and the life span is analyzed.

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