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By Mariya A. Romanova

This publication supplies an account of a style of picking out the sort composition of sandy deposits from the air by means of the character in their mirrored image of radiant strength. The measured spectral luminance of a rock outcrop rela­ ti ve to the luminance of a customary is the elemental estate thought of during this process. The spectral luminance elements p\ are measured through detailed tools - a common photometer, cinespectrograph, spectro­ visors, and different spectrometers. The measured values of P" of the investigated rocks are interpreted geologically via a few tools of mathematical information in order that a way of lithological mapping of sandy deposits from the air are available. the significance of constructing a mode of settling on the kind composition of rocks, essentially sandy de­ posits, from the air stems from the broad incidence of deserts at the earth's floor. Sandy deserts occupy big components within the southern latitudes of the USSR and take place in western and crucial China, Pakistan, Iran, India, and different states. In those deserts there are lots of deposits of petroleum and gasoline, and a look for water is consistently in development. winning prospecting for the above minerals will depend on a choice of the cloth composition of the sandy deposits in those deserts and the answer of numerous questions of modern tec­ tonics, paleogeography, and quaternary geology, the solutions to which would even be given via a learn of the dis­ tribution of lithological sorts of sands.

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190 mm. 1. The conditions of illumination in the photometry of object and standard and of compared objects must be identical. To ensure this. photometry in the field should be carried out: a) in clear cloudless wea ther in the absence of any dust haze; b) at fixed hours of the day and on a surface close to 100 90 80 70 GO SO '10 30 20 m ~ 400 30 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~I}c ________ ~ ________~ ________~S~~m~ SOO GOO 700 Fig. 28. 00 mm. a) Quartz - rockcrystal; b) microcline; c) biotite. (Tolchel'nikov's data.

The light flux reflected from the investigated surface falls on a totally reflecting prism and is then measured by a visua I surface phC1tQmeter. The construction of this indicatometer provides for rotation of the beam with the photometer in only one plane. The arc with the lamp has two degrees of freedom. , it can rotate around the axis 00' and around a perpendicular to this axis. The standard is a screen, which is measured under standard conditions of illumination with angles i = 0°. E = 50°.

31 CHAPTER III METHODS OF MEASURING SPECTRAL LUMINANCE FACTORS OF ROCKS This chapter gives a brief account of the principal instruments used for measurements of the reflecting properties of rocks. The purpose of describing the instruments is merely to acquaint the geologist with the operating principle of each instrument and the conditions in which it is used. Such knowledge is essential for efficient utilization of the apparatus. Instruments for measuring the reflecting properties of rocks can be divided into two large groups: laboratory and field instruments.

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