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By Predrag Cicovacki

The philosophy of Albert Schweitzer has proved broadly influential in smooth considering, specially within the box of ethics. His major moral suggestion could be summarized within the word "reverence for all times" - particularly, that reliable is composed in retaining and perfecting existence, and evil is composed in destroying and obstructing existence. For Schweitzer, all lifestyles is sacred. Ethics therefore offers with human attitudes and behaviour towards all dwelling beings.
Unlike many ethical philosophers, Schweitzer argues that wisdom of human nature doesn't supply a adequate origin for any sufficient ethical thought. this is the reason he bases his ethics on a lot broader foundations, articulated in his philosophy of civilization and the philosophy of faith. Schweitzer argues that the fabric element of our civilization has develop into way more vital than its religious counterpart. Even geared up faith has placed itself within the carrier of politics and economic system, thereby wasting its energy and ethical authority.
Schweitzer's ethics of reverence for all times, argues Predrag Cicovacki, bargains a conceivable replacement at a time whilst conventional moral theories are came across insufficient. Schweitzer's powerful and un-dogmatic idealism may possibly provide the simplest antidote to the present relativism and nihilism of the postmodern epoch. His moral imaginative and prescient directs us towards a brand new method of establishing a extra simply and extra peaceable global. amassing 16 of Schweitzer's most excellent essays, this quantity serves as a compelling advent to this notable philosopher and humanist.

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It raises its head only when it again sets the highest goal before it. There is, then, a twofold interest for European thought in the study of Indian thought, which is so different in its nature, let alone the stimulus of becoming acquainted with a foreign mode of thinking. In the first place, European thought represents a world- and life-affirmation that is wanting in depth because it has not yet come to a thorough understanding of its position in relation to world- and life-negation and to ethics.

An analysis of the details of his activities and his preaching, the intention of which is to distinguish between enduring and obsolete elements, is unnecessary. His words translate themselves, as it were, automatically in the idiom appropriate to our conceptual materials. Many of these words that at first strike us as strange become true in a profound and eternal sense even for us, when we accept with open minds the power of the spirit that speaks in him. ” The change in conceptual material requires, of course, that the ultimate perfection that he expected as a supernatural event be expected by us only as the result of ethical endeavor.

E. G. McCalman (London: Adam and Charles Black, 1944); quotes are from pages 37, 40, and 57. 26 introduction Schweitzer said that he cannot give a general rule and that much of it depends on the context and on how developed our moral sense is. This is all true, but it is not all that can be done. There are further distinctions that need to be taken into account; for instance, the one between intentional and unintentional killing. What should also be provided is a more systematic analysis of various types of conflicting situations and conflicting values.

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