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By Michiel Hazewinkel, Nadiya M. Gubareni

The concept of algebras, jewelry, and modules is likely one of the basic domain names of contemporary arithmetic. common algebra, extra in particular non-commutative algebra, is poised for significant advances within the twenty-first century (together with and in interplay with combinatorics), simply as topology, research, and likelihood skilled within the 20th century. This quantity is a continuation and an in-depth research, stressing the non-commutative nature of the 1st volumes of Algebras, jewelry and Modules via M. Hazewinkel, N. Gubareni, and V. V. Kirichenko. it's mostly autonomous of the opposite volumes. The appropriate structures and effects from past volumes were awarded during this quantity.

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If the set I is finite, |I | = n < ∞, and the category is additive, then π1 σ1 + · · · + πn σ n = 1 X and the product n n X i is equal to their coproduct i=1 n this case this common object is called the direct sum and denoted by X i . In i=1 X i . Point i=1 out that this is not the case in a category of rings. The direct product of a finite number of rings were considered in [146]. Now consider this construction for an infinite number of rings. 2. Let { Ai }i ∈I , be a family of rings. The direct product of the rings { Ai }i ∈I is the Cartesian product A = Ai with operations of addition and i ∈I multiplication defined componentwise: ( f + g)(i) = f (i) + g(i) ( f g)(i) = f (i)g(i) for any f , g ∈ A and for each i ∈ I.

Conversely, all rings of these forms are serial and right Noetherian. A full description of serial right hereditary rings is given by the following theorem. 6. ) Any serial right hereditary ring A is Morita equivalent to a direct product of rings isomorphic to rings of upper 7Other equivalent definitions of a discrete valuation ring is given in Chapter 3. 6. 9Recall that two rings are said to be Morita equivalent if their categories of modules are equivalent. g. ) 33 Preliminaries triangular matrices over divisions rings, rings of the form Hm (O) and rings of the form H (O, m, n), where O is a discrete valuation ring.

Any principal ideal domain is hereditary. 3. (Kaplansky’s Theorem). g. ) If a ring is a right hereditary then any submodule of a free A-module is isomorphic to a direct sum of right ideals of A. A ring A is said to be right (left) semihereditary if each right (left) finitely generated ideal of A is a projective A-module. If a ring A is both right and left semihereditary, it is called semihereditary. Preliminaries 27 The following theorem gives some of other equivalent condition for a ring to be right (left) semihereditary.

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