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By Darren Mulloy

This publication makes use of the armed forces flow as a way to envision the complicated dating that exists among America's mainstream and extremist political tradition. It focuses quite on how the defense force move makes use of key facets of yank background to justify its extremist politics and actions. Drawing upon either extremist literature and interviews with top figures within the circulation, this publication is a strong exploration of America's household extremist hobbies.

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These remain the supreme American political values. Commitment to these values is the American ideology…. It is perhaps the ultimate paradox that extremist movements in this country have been powerfully spawned by the same American characteristics that finally rejected them. There was, however, a reluctance to undertake any detailed analysis of the relationship between America’s mainstream and extreme cultures. Lipset and Raab did not pursue the points they made, assuming perhaps—although I would argue incorrectly—that this “rejection” was complete.

APPROACHING EXTREMISM 31 I do not want to suggest that the orthodox school, as I have called it, were totally unaware of any connections between the mainstream and the extreme. In The Radical Right, for example, Talcott Parsons noted a connection between the antistatism of right-wing extremists and the individualism of the American ideology. And in The Politics of Unreason Lipset and Raab wrote that right-wing groups typically have to appeal to the populace within the framework of values which are themselves a source of right-wing discontent in the first place: antielitism, individualism, and egalitarianism.

This has tended to disguise the functional value to the political mainstream of such categorization in the first place. 4 It follows from this pluralist starting point, for example, that it is the “ideological” nature of extremism which is most dangerous, and which must be resisted most fiercely—the “tendency to convert issues into ideologies,” as Daniel Bell, the high priest of non-ideological politics, described it. Indeed, these two concepts—extremism and ideology—are inextricably linked in the orthodox approach.

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