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By J. W. S. Cassels

This tract units out to offer a few thought of the elemental concepts and of a few of the main impressive result of Diophantine approximation. a variety of theorems with entire proofs are awarded, and Cassels additionally presents an exact creation to every bankruptcy, and appendices detailing what's wanted from the geometry of numbers and linear algebra. a few chapters require wisdom of parts of Lebesgue concept and algebraic quantity thought. this can be a beneficial and concise textual content geared toward the final-year undergraduate and first-year graduate scholar.

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2 Infinite Dimension We want to extend the local bifurcation theory of periodic solutions described in the previous chapter to infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian PDEs. 1) which possesses the equilibrium solution u ≡ 0. As in the previous chapter we pose the following question. 1) close to u = 0? The first step is again to study the linearized equation u tt − u x x + a1 (x)u = 0 , u(t, 0) = u(t, π) = 0 . 2) The self-adjoint Sturm–Liouville operator −∂x x + a1 (x) possesses a basis {ϕ j } j ≥1 of eigenvectors with real eigenvalues λ j , (−∂x x + a1 (x))ϕ j = λ j ϕ j , λ j → +∞ .

U|2 1/2 and respectively the L 2 -norm and L 2 -scalar product. = δ p−1 . 13) u u p+1 . = w ∈ X (w, v) L 2 = 0, ∀ v ∈ V = l≥0, j≥1 wl, j cos(lt) sin j x ∈ X w j, j = 0 ∀ j ≥ 1 . W is also the H 1 -orthogonal of V in X . 6. On V the norm v ∞ ≤C v H1 , H1, since ∀v ∈ V . 14), the embedding (V, · H1) → (V, · is compact because H 1 (T) → L ∞ (T) is compact. = v + w with v ∈ V , w ∈ W , yields ω2 v tt − v x x = ε ω2 wtt − wx x = ε V f (v + w) W f (v + w) bifurcation equation , range equation , where V ..

13). 27) 42 2 Infinite Dimension because vt ht = D v x h x = 0. 2. 12. 28), since w(ε, ·) ∈ C 1 (B2R , W ), D therefore ε ∈ C 2 (B2R , R). ε ∈ C 1 (B2R , V ) and W v +w wε (v) ∇ (v + w) V v O Fig. 2. 27) the gradient ∇ (v + w(ε, v)) is parallel to V . 27), ω2 wt2 − wx2 + ε f (v + w(ε, v))w(ε, v) = 0 . 3 The Case p Odd ε (v) = ω2 − 1 v 4 2 +ε H1 F(v +w(ε, v))− 43 1 f (v +w(ε, v))w(ε, v) . 29) we have to impose a suitable relation between the frequency ω and the amplitude ε (ω must tend to 1 as ε → 0).

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