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By Edward B. Burger

2 DVD set with 24 lectures half-hour every one for a complete of 720 minutes...

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Best number theory books

Mathematics the Man Made Universe

A person can take pleasure in the sweetness, intensity, and power of arithmetic with assistance from this hugely readable textual content, particularly built from a school direction designed to entice scholars in a number of fields. Readers with little mathematical history are uncovered to a large diversity of matters selected from quantity conception, topology, set conception, geometry, algebra, and research.

Ranks of Elliptic Curves and Random Matrix Theory

Random matrix thought is a space of arithmetic first built through physicists attracted to the power degrees of atomic nuclei, however it is usually used to explain a few unique phenomena within the quantity thought of elliptic curves. This ebook illustrates this interaction of quantity idea and random matrices. It starts off with an creation to elliptic curves and the basics of modeling via a relatives of random matrices, and strikes directly to spotlight the most recent learn.

Mathematical Reflections: In a Room with Many Mirrors

Focusing Your awareness the aim of this publication is Cat least) twofold. First, we wish to exhibit you what arithmetic is, what it really is approximately, and the way it's done-by those that do it effectively. we're, in truth, attempting to provide impact to what we name, in part nine. three, our uncomplicated precept of mathematical guide, announcing that "mathematics has to be taught in order that scholars understand how and why arithmetic is qone via those that do it effectively.

Contributions to the Theory of Transcendental Numbers

This quantity involves a suite of papers dedicated basically to transcendental quantity conception and diophantine approximations written by way of the writer. lots of the fabrics integrated during this quantity are English translations of the author's Russian manuscripts, generally rewritten and taken totally brand new.

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Shockley's innovation made vacuum tubes obsolescent if not obsolete and fathered, among other technological progeny, a whole new generation of portable AM radios. The transistor revolution, as luck would have it, coincided with the explosion of popular music in the late 1950s from its country-western and rhythm-and-blues antecedents-which angry parents. exhorted their music-loving offspring to turn off! "On" and "Off" can be represented by 1 and 0. These two numbers suffice for any arithmetical calculations one may wish to do, providing one is willing to do them in base 2.

Eratosthenes's first job was to teach young Ptolemy Philopator. Philopator grew up to be a diligent patron of the arts and sciences. At the age of forty Eratosthenes became chief librarian at Alexandria. This was an apt appointment, for Eratosthenes's learning was catholic and if it caused the envious to call him Beta ('Second stringer') and Pentathlon ('Jack of all trades and master of none'), as historian George Sarton says, "they proved their second-rateness and not his own. " In fact Eratosthenes's work in geography and geodesy was second to none.

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