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From a manuscript believed to be the paintings of John H. Watson, MD The summer time of 1897 brings viewers flocking to London for Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. With them comes a Russian nobleman, in addition to an English girl from Canada. This woman calls on Holmes and Watson for his or her guidance in facing strangers who're following her.

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Besides greater sales, The Sword is Drawn earned Norton her first significant award, the Plaque of Honor from the Netherlands in 1946. Follow the Drum predated, by a decade, popular spy novels like Casino Royale, Ian Fleming’s 1953 best seller that introduced the world to James Bond, the dapper British spy. In 1949, Norton completed her spy trilogy with Sword in Sheath. Postwar The war’s conclusion in 1945 brought about changes in Norton’s fiction as well. S. ally, the Soviet Union, occupied regions in Eastern Europe that had been conquered by Germany, and it showed no signs of allowing self-government in those nations.

Norton left her job in Ohio to open The Mystery House, a small bookstore and lending library in Mount Rainer, Maryland. The location was no accident. , where she also accepted a position with the Library of Congress. C. I was to select books on what it was like to be an American. ”3 By then, Norton had a great deal of experience working in Cleveland’s many ethnic enclaves. She worked in neighborhood library branches that catered to Italian, Russian, Jewish, and Chinese residents, among many others.

Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. : Gale, 2009. Norton Luck demand. The books that enchanted young Alice Norton like The Wizard of Oz and The Secret Garden enthralled generations. For Norton, those early books opened the first passageway to imaginative fiction in which the situations might be fantastic but the emotions were realistic. The market for young-adult or “juvenile” books exploded in the 1930s, at the same time as Norton began work as a librarian. Crafted by a pool of anonymous writers but published under a single made-up author’s name, novels in the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series fed young people’s need for escapism, just as stories like Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Tarzan did for adults.

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