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By Barbara Allan

Made up our minds to make a brand new begin in her old fashioned native land at the banks of the Mississippi, Brandy Borne by no means goals she'll turn into the best suspect in a homicide case...Moving again in along with her eccentric, larger-than-life mom, Brandy Borne reveals small-town Serenity whatever yet serene. it sort of feels an unscrupulous antiques broker has swindled Vivian out of the family's heirlooms. but if he's stumbled on run over in a rustic lane, Brandy turns into homicide Suspect number 1 - together with her mom coming in a truly shut second...The checklist of different suspects is remarkable - the victim's company turns out to were in accordance with bilking seniors out in their possessions. And while the Borne "girls" discover a couple of very unsavoury Serenity secrets and techniques, they turn into objectives for a assassin whose favorite pastime appears to be like accumulating sufferers.

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But not as much as a sense I had—and did not care to acknowledge—that there was something to what Mother had said. Someone may well have tried to lure me out to Carson’s place to implicate me. Someone who had no compunction about taking a human life. Or was I as crazy as Mother? A Trash ‘n’ Treasures Tip Sometimes, treasures can be found set out with trash on garbage collection night. Sifting through a Dumpster, however, I won’t stoop to. But Mother will. Chapter Five A Friend Indeed, a Friend in Weed midst of Mother’s murder suspicions, amateur detective work, and her fear that we’d been framed, I faced my first real crisis … In the…Clothes I didn’t know what to wear!

Borne,” Lawson replied firmly. ” Mother put on her most angelic face and touched hand to bosom in genteel display. “Well, of course, O cer. ” His eyebrows went up. “She’ll have to appear in court, of course … but we’ll let you know. In the meantime, may I suggest you both stay out of trouble? ” “Certainly,” Mother said. ” I gave her a glazed look, then got up o the couch and trailed Brian out onto the front porch in my bare feet, where just a few hours ago I hadn’t behaved very well to him. His expression was friendly, almost warm.

Randolf didn’t know about the tryst, and I wasn’t about to tell her … although somebody certainly should, because we of the weaker sex should stick together (except for those who are trysting with our men). But I digress. Mrs. Randolf dropped me o at Hunter’s Hardware, which hadn’t changed since I was a dewy-eyed girl back in the forties. The store was long and narrow, typical of the marvelous old buildings of the late eighteen hundreds, and still retained the original hardwood floor and high tin decorative ceiling, not to mention a certain bouquet common to retail stores of days past.

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